For the 12th year in a row, the Ron Kowalski Real Estate Group of KWCP Springfield hosted the Ron K Monopoly Tournament, this year raising about $7,000 for the Lorton Community Action Center, the beneficiary of the tournament for the last six years.

More than 300 players turned out, helping contribute to the 12-year total of donations raised for a variety of different charities to more than $70,000.

In describing this year’s tournament, Ron Kowalski said: “Interestingly, the final round, sponsored by CPMG Foundation (Capital Properties/ Menkiti Group), was different than any other we’ve ever had. It was an epic battle of patience and wits with no monopolies, no houses or hotels, no players going bankrupt, and no property trades among players.”

Ron stands out as a prime example of how the culture of a company is more than happy hour events and a few volunteer hours a year. He exemplifies the Keller Williams Capital Properties’ mission to transform lives, careers, and communities through real estate, and he’s very humble about it. Ron’s colleagues recently honored him with the Ethic of Service Award at the 2019 Annual meeting for exactly this type of effort and impact that he makes.

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