This year’s celebration of Women’s History Month marked a distinct milestone for The Menkiti Group (MG) and Keller Williams Capital Properties (KWCP). Our call to action reached far and wide across our organization, inviting individuals to nominate women whom they believed deserved profound recognition.

The overwhelming response, both in quantity and quality, surpassed our expectations, serving as a testament to the remarkable impact women are having within our organization and beyond. With each nomination, we found ourselves increasingly proud to stand alongside such extraordinary female trailblazers, whose contributions continue to shape and inspire our collective journey.

Keep reading to read through the nominations we received to learn more about spectacular women at MG and KWCP. We extend our gratitude to all who participated, and eagerly anticipate a future filled with continued success and significant achievements in 2024.

Jumoké Akiosi  
  • “I’m nominating Jumoké for 5 reasons: #1 her attitude and how she listens and responds, #2 – how she commits, #3 – living her fashion, #4 – the ability to unite people, #5 – her genuine desire to grow and be open.”
Adelya Almetova  
  • “Adelya has a natural ability to succeed, and she is a trail blazer opening doors for other women in development and working with international investors.”
Lisa Bartley  
  • “Lisa Bartley is not only a beacon of positivity within the office environment, but she also plays a pivotal role as a member of the ALC (Agent Leadership Council) and the Safety Committee. Her dedication to ensuring the well-being and security of her colleagues speaks volumes about her commitment to fostering a safe and supportive workplace culture. One of Lisa’s standout qualities is her unwavering dedication to her clients and team members. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure their needs are met and their expectations exceeded. Her willingness to extend a helping hand and provide guidance is evident in her approachable demeanor and willingness to share her expertise with others. Overall, Lisa Bartley’s impact extends far beyond her immediate responsibilities. She embodies the qualities of a true team player, consistently striving to uplift those around her and make meaningful contributions to the success of the team and the organization. (Her dog Jedi is awesome too! Jedi brings happiness wherever he goes!)”
Terinee Bonds 
  • “Terinee goes above and beyond as an agent and as a member of the brokerage. She is trailblazing and helping the industry be more inclusive, and she does it with grace and compassion.”
Nicole Canole 
  • “Nicole is an incredible leader to her team; she has inspired me to get my real estate license and take my career in real estate to the next level. She listens to everyone on her team and is there to problem solve and help them work through issues, whether professional or personal. She also takes on leadership roles with bigger organizations in the real estate industry. In addition to running a successful team she continues to serve her clients, helping them buy and sell real estate, with a high rate of repeat clients and referrals. She’s wonderfully creative, consistently has great ideas and is a talented decorator. She excels at everything she does. She deserves to be recognized as a woman of impact!”
Becky Cullinan 
  • “This woman is truly remarkable. She embodies the true spirit of care, kindness, and dedication in all that she does. She uses our latest technology and tries to find ways to make it better. She always has a smile on and seems to care so much about others. She has helped to identify talent who may help our brokerage grow all while successfully managing a team in Fairfax. She is a member of our ALC and is truly an asset. Her selfless actions and thoughtfulness are a shining example of compassion and empathy in action.”
Peg Donovan 
  • “Peg is always available to help her agents get the best and most accurate answers. She’s compassionate and will listen to the agent’s concerns and address them appropriately. She’s been a role model for many.”
Amy Embrey  
  • “Amy is extremely committed to giving back to the brokerage and coaching other agents. She is a servant leader and has a passion for education. She leads the morning dialogue sessions that agents from across the brokerage join and led one of our RedDay initiatives last year. She is truly terrific and one of a kind!”
  • “Amy is one of the kindest and sincere people that I know. She gives all her time and money to KWCP and various charities even at the sacrifice of her own family. Truly a wonderful person the embodies KW’s mission, vision, and values.”
Virginia Gergoff  
  • “From day one in my business, Virginia has had immeasurable impact on my career. So I know all that she has done for me, but I also see how much she pours into everyone. She always gives everything and always has the answer. Whether it’s strategy and goal setting, getting through tough times, celebrating wins, motivation… all of it. She cares about each agent in the brokerage and has shined as a leader. She never seeks recognition, but she has certainly earned it.”
Lise Howe  
  • “Lise is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about real estate. She has outstanding drive and determination to serve her clients and would not leave a stone unturned for her clients.”
Sadie Konieczka 
  • “She is very kind, loving, professional, and all around an amazing woman. She is always trying to be better whether it’s education, staying up on the latest trends on social media or growth. She is patient, and down to earth and always willing to help. She is one of the most positive people even in the hardest times. She grinds and grinds and is truly an inspiration. Sadie is a rockstar and has taken her teammate Angie under her wing to go out and rule real estate together!”
Yvonne Lee 
  • “Yvonne Lee is a true inspiration when it comes to servicing her clients and improving herself.”
Marlena McWilliams
  • “Marlena McWilliams does an amazing job leading her team and servicing her clients. She is passionate and determined.”
Lauren Morgan 
  • “I have gotten the pleasure of working closely with Lauren in Marketing for our enterprise. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, she is so responsive, and she is always so kind. Lauren has been working so hard with Family Reunion and Agent Excellence Awards, and she is crushing it! She is a true inspiration, and I cannot wait to see all that she accomplishes in her career.”
Sheena Saydam
  • “Countless examples of her helping and uplifting others through volunteer hours, fundraising and direct donations: 1) Lifetime giving of over $600K to multiple organizations including but not limited to: – Beacon House which provides afterschool education to nearly 400 low-income kids in DC – Comfort Cases, which provides care packages to kids in Foster Care – The Tree House, which provides advocacy and support services to kids who have experienced trauma – Urban Ed, which provides IT training and certification to low-income individuals in DC – The Lourie Center, which provides support and education to improve social and emotional health of children – The Rainbow Place, which provides overnight housing and food to homeless women in Rockville – MoCo Coalition for the Homeless, which provides services and housing to homeless in MoCo – Food on the Stove, which provides food and education to firefighters regarding healthy eating habits 2) Funded the first Shower Truck for the Homeless in Baltimore 3) Funded the construction of 10+ wells in Cameroon/Kenya, serving over 10,000 people with clean water 4) Currently funding the construction of a School for 80 girls in Kisii, a rural village in Kenya 5) Donated supplies and books to create a library at the Jessup Correctional Institute 6) Raised funds to provide Thanksgiving Meals for 600 people at Our Daily Bread 7) Provided Breakfast, Lunch and haircuts for National Guard members serving at the Capitol 8) Donated food and clothing to The Squeegee Boys in Baltimore 9) Fundraised to provide food, basic necessities and housing to a struggling single mom in Kenya 10) Funding of the security deposit, stocking the fridge and basic necessities for an Afghan refugee family who escaped Afghanistan and moved to MD during military withdrawal 11) Hundreds of hours volunteered at Selfless Saturdays in Baltimore serving homeless, manning the Shower Truck, providing hundreds of meals to homeless, and many other causes.”
  • “Sheena is a true leader through and through- she is not only a top agent in the market center but also generous with her wisdom. She shares her business insights as well as her learnings from the books that she reads. She is also extremely committed to community work and leaving a legacy.”
Darienne Shaffer
  • “Darianne always takes time out to be there for me when needed. From onboarding to first contract to IT support to Financial and Compliance and friendly and firm advice as needed!”
Susan Shelton
  • “She was our culture chair this past year and truly went above and beyond in her role. She took on helping decorate the MC while also planning RED Day and our holiday party. She is one of the kindest people I know and is always willing to stop and help ANYBODY. She was bored in the office and decided to start unboxing and building furniture for a neighboring office just to help take it off their plate. Susan is an amazing woman who truly goes above and beyond in all she does. While taking on extra responsibility, you never saw her smile fall.”
Brenda Small
  • “Brenda is an outstanding realtor and a wonderful mentor. She is kind, patient, and loves pouring into people. She is also very committed to the industry, and to our agents, with a special passion for dual career agents.”
Corina Tennison
  • “Ever since our (Fredericksburg) merger with KWCP took place, Corina Tennison has been at the forefront of maintaining and elevating our market center culture. She continues to be a role model for many as she leads by example as the solo agent top producer who ALWAYS makes time to pour into others. Corina is present in the market center and conducts herself as a trusted peer who others have learned to depend on – and have fun doing it. Corina always gives it her ALL – for the sake of loving on others as much as she can. These practices come naturally to Corina. It is a pleasure to witness her planting seeds of KWCP culture in everyone’s’ lives.”
Marriah Unruh
  • “Marriah is the epitome of an incredible role model. She is committed to helping everyone across the organization from intern to executive and always makes time for people no matter how busy she is. She takes on all challenges with grace and resilience and is a force to be reckoned with, displaying loyalty to the company and a passion for what she does and making a difference with every decision. Her compassion, work ethic, and dependability make her the perfect woman to nominate, and I am proud to work with her and to call her a friend.”
  • “In my culture, we call the female peers who provide wisdom, support, empathy, solutions, and lessons “ate”, a word Filipinos informally designate to someone who is like a big sister to us. I always found it appropriate to call her “Ate Marriah” for the times she’s been there for me and continues to be there for all of us seeking a better way to serve our clients and manage our business. I’ve been with KW Capital Properties since my rookie year 13 years ago. Marriah has been with me for roughly 12 of those years. I never really felt like I truly belonged anywhere until I continued my real estate business with KW Capital Properties under Marriah’s leadership. She, along with Lisa Langlais, is one of the few people in my life who took the time to understand me and my motivation behind why I have my real estate business. She took the time to connect me to the right people and was always there for me and the agents of my office when I had to overcome obstacles and needed an assist. I worked at thriving Fortune 500 companies that could take lessons from her on how to successfully develop relationships and establish a culture where all aspiring agents feel welcome and at home when helping our clients find their next home. From surprise gifts for my daughter’s birth to being at the center of office rulings to ensure justice was served with agents who were unethical and stole from others, Marriah has also been at the center of protecting agent rights and serving those in need. She always took the time to listen to concerns from me and the agents at the office and she somehow finds the time to respond to the messages we send her. People like Marriah are the main reason why I love being a part of the KWCP community here in Fairfax, VA. If my daughter decides that she wants to become a real estate agent when she gets older, my wife and I both agree that she can accomplish whatever she puts her mind to, especially if Ate Marriah is still in the business and becomes her Auntie Marriah or Tita Marriah.”
Victoria Zelefsky
  • “Victoria has been the best manager I could have asked for. She has the kindest heart and the best attitude. She has helped me grow so much in my professional career over the past six months since joining The Menkiti Group. Victoria is inspiring in her ability to lead marketing and communication efforts across our enterprise, and I cannot wait to see the continued impact she will make.”