Living through a pandemic is new and unsettling territory. We are all waking up in a different world. This is a case study in uncertainty and nobody knows how long the outbreak will last or how bad it will be. What is certain, however, is that we will move forward and take action and that our KWCP family will come together to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our people and the communities we serve. 

5 Things To Keep In Mind

1) Manage Fear: Fear is our enemy. Remain Level Headed and Stay grounded in facts, and focused on what really matters.    

2) Check your Mindset:  Remember that while we don’t get to choose what happens to us …. we do get to choose our response to and perspective about what happens to us.  Stay positive, See the opportunities, and consider both short term and long term impacts of what is happening around you.

3)  Recognize your Responsibility to lead and move forward: Realize that People need us now more than ever: and we have a fiduciary responsibility to move forward. Life and business must go on

4)  Over-communicate with your people: Things are changing rapidly and people are overwhelmed with hearsay. Make sure we are over-communicating with our clients/customers and those we serve so that you are providing information firsthand.

5) Stay connected: we live in a connected world .. we can not disregard that connectivity .. we will just need to stay connected now in different ways.  Together we are stronger

As we move forward together I wanted to leave you with 3 things that you can take action on right now:

  1. Stay level headed, practical and fact-based around health and safety issues:
  2. Double down on Revenue generating activities:  take advantage of the unique opportunities this situation presents. Find the motivated buyer and sellers, reconnect with your database and get them on the consumer app…
  3. Reduce Expenses: Get lean and mean to ensure the sustainability of your business…..eliminate unnecessary costs and come up with contingency plans of additional cuts to make should expected revenues not materialize.

Be Safe, Be Strong, Take Action, and Stay Together


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