Ciné Wright, REALTOR® | Productivity Coach & Pre-Licensed Instructor | Stafford, VA

“I initially became part of the KWCP Family in 2012. I was invited to what was my very first look into the Company I have come to thoroughly be glad we found one another. To witness as well become part of something way bigger than I had been a part of since leaving my military network family whom I had built life-lasting bonds forever.

I was greeted with sincere and genuine care the moment I arrived at the Airport by whom I thought were complete strangers till the time we all returned from that amazing 15,000+ like-minded Orlando, Florida Family Reunion event has forever been ingrained in my heart, mind and soul.

For me it has always been about nurturing my mind. Being able to learn from so many best-of-the best with no agenda other than to see me succeed was mind-blowing. I had no idea something like this really existed and people want to see others succeed was only something I thought we read about in a magazine. When I was asked to join, there was absolutely no hesitation in my mind; I wanted to be part of something bigger than me; to be able to learn, grow and realize this was not just a dream; it was something obtainable and beyond; yes, please where do I sign up was all I could say! Aligning myself with the right people, implementing systems all while learning how to build a business of my own that could exceed anything I had ever been aware of since getting my Real Estate license back in 2002; yes please. Having role models to reach out who Inspire; Give of their talents freely and provide Guidance on a regular basis; I do not believe there is no better place to be than right here exactly where I am. I will close with this; finding my next Career path; learning how to build from there was and has been one of my greatest achievements. Being surrounded daily by positive energy will not only change one’s life it will have a profound positive impact going forward by simply being wonderfully blessed to know we can and shall build businesses worth owning for it is all starts with our mindset that must be nurtured