Meet Matthew Brown.

We asked Matthew the question:

What made you decide to go in to real estate?

“My daughters are one of the reasons I chose to start a real estate business. My parents are of the generation where you applied for a job and you stayed in that job until you retired.

While I’m forever grateful for the foundation my parents set for me, my real estate business will be what breaks the cycle for my daughters. They will grow up in, and around real estate and have the entrepreneurial mindset to continue the legacy that I’m creating if they so desire.”

Matthew, an agent entrepreneur at Keller Williams Capital Properties in Rockville aspires to set a new foundation for his family through his real estate business. His wife Ashley and two daughters Olivia and Zoe keep him inspired on a daily basis.

Matthew brings energy and enthusiasm into every day, excited about the opportunities that are possible though daily hard work and dedication.

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Matthew Brown