Meet Nelson Fuentes.

Nelson is a realtor at Keller Williams Capital Properties in Rockville.

We asked Nelson to define the meaning of work ethic:

“I define work ethic as the amount of time and effort a person dedicates to the things in life needed to survive, bring happiness, to fund the lifestyle you want, and help people across the world.” said Nelson.

Nelson began working at the early age of 12 and since then has never stopped. He believes that his work ethic has presented him with various opportunities throughout his life and provided him with much success at the young age of 21.

We asked Nelson to tell us about his greatest inspiration:

“My mom is the hardest working person that I know. She is a very old fashioned but independent woman who never needed a man for anything and will continue not to need a man, although she has me!”

Nelson hopes to one day pay it all forward and buy his mom a house because of all of the sacrifices she has made. Nelson also hopes to help his mother become a U.S. citizen as she is currently an immigrant who has not seen her family for over 20 years.

“Both of us have never had a glamorous lifestyle, just focused on making a living and never having the chance to truly relax.” Nelson shared.

Nelson is determined to change that not only for himself, but for his family now and for generations to follow.

We asked Nelson to tell us what defines him as a realtor:

“Honesty.” said Nelson. “I am always going to be honest with my clients whether it’s good or bad news.”

Nelson is determined to help families build generational wealth especially for families who don’t believe that could ever be possible, due to immigration status, language barriers, or any other challenges.

“I just want to be a source of information for my clients and also assure them that I have their best interest at heart when they work with me!”

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Nelson Fuentes