Meet Jessica Iglesias.

We asked Jessica to answer the question: What does the term entrepreneurship mean to you?

“Entrepreneurship means the freedom of being my own boss and having control of my life while I’m doing what I love. Planning and taking a risk. Challenging myself to learn from the best and create a brand of my own. Having the ability to leave a positive legacy behind.”

Jessica is an agent entrepreneur at Keller Williams Capital Properties in Springfield. Jessica loves to help people, and as a realtor, Jessica is passionate about finding her clients their dream home.

Jessica moved to Virginia from Connecticut about 3 1/2 years ago, and began working as a school bus driver for Fairfax County.

While on the job, Jessica met a colleague who was a realtor who was such a positive person and spoke so highly about her career in real estate. Her colleague shared the high’s and the low’s about the business and always encouraged her to pursue her dream.

After some time, Jessica saved up enough money for the pre-licensing course. Jessica took a leap of faith and signed up. Having passed her test, Jessica signed up with Keller Williams Capital Properties right away.

We asked Jessica who is her daily inspiration? Jessica shared:

“I’d have to say that my greatest inspiration would have to be my children. They were both away for the summer and every time they called me during the month of July when I was studying for my real estate license, I was sitting in front of the computer. My daughter and son both would check in to ask about my progress and were always giving me words of affirmation.”

When Jessica isn’t helping her clients find her dream home, in her free time she likes to spend time with family and travel.

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