Meet Henry Nam and Natasia Chin.

We asked the HAWT Team of Keller Williams Capital Properties to share with us a glimpse into the values and story behind their family business.

What’s your favorite part about real estate?

Most people picture real estate as what they see on TV shows. However, real estate touches so many other facets of our lives beyond transactions. By nature of our job as real estate agents, we build relationships.

Through these relationships, our network grows immensely as does our ability to connect people to others who can help them in their lives. Building meaningful relationships and helping people in our network is our favorite part about real estate.

For Henry and Natasia, relationships are at the core of their business, but it’s also their work ethic and passion for helping people that fuels their daily approach to business and life.

What does work ethic mean to you?

The definition of work ethic has changed a lot over the years. Initially, it simply meant the amount of labor and hours spent on work. Now, we’re realizing that work ethic has a lot to do with working efficiently so that our business is helping to create the life we want rather than running our lives.

Henry and Natasia’s dedication to their clients is clear in the care and professionalism they give in every interaction. The hard work all pays off when they get to create memories like this:

What is your favorite memory about being in real estate?

While helping our first buyer client, we came across the people who’d become our first seller clients. The family had such a horrific roller coaster ride. They tried multiple times to sell their home over the course of 4 years. They tried selling with agents. They tried selling on their own. They tried selling with a discount broker. They tried renting it out. They had bad tenants who didn’t pay and destroyed their property.

We connected, came to understand their needs, and helped them with the tenant situation. Then we brought in contractors to fix up their home. We managed to get them multiple offers, sell their home faster than any other home in their neighborhood, and sell for above asking price, all during what would traditionally be considered the “slow” season.

The relief they felt when they were finally able to move on with their lives was worth all the hard work we put into the listing and remains one of our best real estate memories.

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