Mega camp is just around the corner, get ready to make the most of your experience with our top tips:

  1. Come Early to Play: Because you are there to build your business to the next level, and to uncover enough ideas to more than pay for your trip, come early to play and rest up for a phenomenal event.
  1. Come with Focused Goals: To get the most out of Mega Camp try not to be overwhelmed with too many great ideas. Establish a clear set of a few objectives beforehand. You might ask yourself, “What one or two things, that if I learned those would help me close out 2019 strong and jump start my business for 2020? Remember to stay focused on what you can use now to better yourself professionally. Concentrate on what you want at this point in your career; there will be time to use other ideas you may come across later. Continually remind yourself of your primary objective. Have a plan, but be flexible too and take advantage of any opportunities that may come along.
  1. Keep Your Perspective to Avoid Overload: Do not let the apparent success of others intimidate you. Yes, you will see many talented people making presentations, but not everyone is a long-time agent. Keep your own style, your own operation, and your point in your career in mind. Be ready to make your own decision about what is best for you. Don’t write down key ideas from someone with a four-person staff and expect to do them all yourself the week you get back if you are a solo agent.
  1. Understand And Play The Network Game: Bring at least 500 business cards, and understand that ½ of what you will learn will be in talking with others before, between, and after the sessions. Whether you are new to the profession or an established pro, do not be afraid to approach others you want to meet. After you meet someone new and exchange business cards, it’s helpful to write on the back of the card where you met him or her, and something notable that you discussed. This way, when you follow-up with this contact, you can include those details to help establish the relationship. Remember to also download the Kelle app and grow your referral network from the palm of your hand!