The power of passive income creates wealth for KW agents.

KWCP Agents participate in the growth of the business and benefit from profit share that doesn’t exist elsewhere.

Our Associates are partners and stakeholders in the business that actively participate in building the dominant real estate company in their market. Therefore, they can earn the opportunity to reap the accompanying financial rewards.

Spread the word and create other income streams. 

Each month, approximately 48% of a market center’s profits are returned to those that have contributed to the market center growth by attracting productive agents to the office. Since the founding of KWCP in 2006, the company has shared more nearly $7 million in profit back to associates and those that helped to grow the company. Overall, KW has shared more than $1 billion with associates through the program.

A focus on teaching wealth-building strategies.
A portion of the educational curriculum is focused on helping people think through and execute a strategy to build wealth in their lives through the betterment of their financial tracking and savings, and the investment in real estate and other opportunities. Ready to build your own wealth through KW systems and models? Join us.