KW is leading innovation in real estate technology.

We’ve got the power of the most innovative tools in the industry.

Keller Williams has an end-to-end business system called Keller Command and it is powered by Kelle, the real estate industry’s first AI virtual assistant, available to every KWCP agent.

KW’s approach to tech is different than other brokerages.  We believe intent matters, and in today’s business environment, everyone must choose a digital partner. Understanding the intent of the partner’s tech investment is critical. Data is the new global currency, and who has access to it and monetizes it defines the economic conversation.

KW believes the control and stewardship of data must remain in the hands of real estate professionals who have relationships with the community and with their clients. Most tech platforms are disintermediating the agent and their client. We believe that approach is detrimental to our agents’ businesses and to the consumer. Consumers want to work with a professional technology-enabled agent with whom they have a relationship – a KW agent.
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The cutting-edge, news-making technology that has the real estate industry buzzing is being developed in partnership with top performing real estate agents in LABS in Austin, Texas. These agents know first-hand, from a practical perspective, what is needed and what will work. Unlike most technology developed with specialists with executive input. What is often missed is the on-the-ground practical use perspective.  The KW ground-up approach allows us to deploy more relevant tech tools faster than our competition.  Don’t YOU want to be ahead of your competition?